Poll - Canadian Universities Offering Best Cybersecurity Programs in Canada

Which Canadian universities are offering best cybersecurity training program in Canada?
  • 955 Votes

    Concordia University of Edmonton Graduate Diploma in Information Assurance
    Graduate Diploma in Information Security
    Master of Information Systems Assurance Management
    Master of Information Systems Security Management

  • 934 Votes

    Mount Royal University Certificate in Cyber Security Fundamentals
    Advanced Cyber Security

  • 897 Votes

    University of Calgary Bachelor of Computer Science (Security Concentration Option)
    Graduate Certificate in Network Security
    Graduate Certificate in Software Security

  • 886 Votes

    Concordia University Master of Applied Science (MASc) in Information Systems Security
    Master of Engineering (MEng) in Information Systems Security

  • 822 Votes

    University of Waterloo Graduate Diploma in Computer Networking and Security

  • 786 Votes

    University of Winnipeg Certificate in Information Assurance and Security Certificate
    Diploma in Network Security Diploma

  • 713 Votes

    Queen’s University NSERC CREATE Cyber Security

  • 709 Votes

    University of Toronto Bachelor of Computer Science Specialist Program in Information Security
    Certificate in Cyber Security Management
    Master of Engineering in Communications with focus on Identity, Privacy and Security
    Master of Information, with a Specialization in Identity, Privacy and Security

  • 704 Votes

    University of Guelph Certificate in Information Management, Privacy, and Access
    Master of Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence

  • 650 Votes

    York University Certificate in Advanced Cyber Security
    Certificate in Cyber Security
    Certificate in Cyber Security Fundamentals
    Bachelor of Computer Security
    LLM in Privacy and Cybersecurity Law

  • 589 Votes

    Université de Moncton Certificat en gestion de la sécurité de l'information des entreprises

  • 561 Votes

    College of the North Atlantic Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security - Infrastructure

  • 560 Votes

    University of Victoria Master of Engineering in Telecommunications and Information Security (MTIS)

  • 555 Votes

    The King’s University Computer Science – Cyber Security Stream

  • 549 Votes

    Ryerson University Certificate in Computer Security and Digital Forensics
    MBA in Management of Technology and Innovation, Data Security and Privacy Specialization

  • 493 Votes

    University of New Brunswick Bachelor of Computer Science (Cybersecurity specialization)
    Master of Cyber Security

  • 471 Votes

    Carleton University Graduate Diploma in Infrastructure Protection and International Security
    Master of Infrastructure Protection and International Security
    Bachelor of Computer and Internet Security

  • 416 Votes

    University of Alberta Certificate in Information Access and Protection of Privacy

  • 310 Votes

    University of Ontario Institute of Technology Bachelor of Information Technology Bridge
    Bachelor of Information Technology Networking and Information Technology Security
    Master of Information Technology Security

  • 296 Votes

    Northeastern University Master of Science in Cybersecurity

  • 187 Votes

    Université de Sherbrooke Diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées de 2e cycle en gouvernance, audit et sécurité des technologies de l’information
    Microprogramme de 2e cycle en gouvernance, audit et sécurité des technologies de l’information
    Maîtrise en administration, concentration gouvernance, audit et sécurité des technologies

  • 112 Votes

    Oulton College Diploma in System Management and Cyber Security

  • 105 Votes

    Athabasca University - Graduate Certificate in Information Security (PBC-IS)

  • 101 Votes

    Eastern College Diploma in Advanced Systems Management and Cyber Security

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